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Paranormal Meet-up - Moreton Corbet Castle 

Located in the village Moreton Corbet lie the histroic ruins of Moreton Corbet castle, just 9 miles from Shrewsbury. Bartholemew built the castle in around 1200, it was built over a period of 500 years. The timber castle was built around 1100. It came into possesion of the Corbet family thorugh marriage in 1239, and also gave the villiage it's name.

From 1300 onwards, the timber framed castle was slowly replaced in stone, and was extended in 1518 by Robert corbet who passed away in 1583. The Castle was then inherited by Richard Corbet who quickly started to transform the building by adding features and furnishings he'd seen in books from europe.

Moreton Corbet Castle was severley damaged during the civil war and was quickly repaired soon after, but sadly had fallen into a state of disrepair during the 18th century, soon after the family chose to live elsewhere.

It's reputed that the grounds are haunted by the ghost of Paul Holmyard, a puritan who at the time of their persecution, was given refuge by Sir vincent Corbet. But as the puritans were becoming more fanatical, Sir Vincent felt he could no longer provide him protection, Paul Holmyard was forced to leave the safety of Moreton Corbet and had to take shelter in the nearby woods.

One day when Sir vincent was planning more building work, Paul appeared and lay a curse upon Sir Vincent, and to this very day it's said that the ghost of Paul Holmyard can be seen wandering the grounds of this now romantic ruin.

Moreton Corbet Castle
24th June 2017
Moreton Corbet Castle
Moreton Corbet Castle

Paranormal Meet-up at Moreton Corbet Castle will include :-

*Vigils & seances in groups

*Ouija board (optional), glass divination, table tipping

*Full use of equipment 

*Opportunity to conduct your own/lone investigating

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