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 No persons under the age of 18 are permitted to attend any events with Ghostcallers Uk

 Due to restrictions at our locations pregnant women are not allowed on any of our events.


 We will only accept group bookings of fewer than four people of the same sex. Mixed groups of over four people are welcome. 


 Absolutely no alcohol or drugs are permitted on any event with Ghostcallers Uk. If anyone appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or is suspected of bringing either alcohol or drugs to the event they will be asked to leave immediately and will not be refunded for any part of monies paid for the event.


The staff at GhostCallers Uk will use their own discretion and have the ultimate decision to evict anyone whom they consider to be behaving in an inappropriate manner.


GhostCallers Uk will not be liable for any damage or loss to property and personal equipment either on the journey to the event, during the event and on the journey back home from the event. This includes any damage that may be caused by any spiritual or poltergeist activity during the event.


It is important that each client is aware that they attend the events at their own risk. 


Ghostcallers Uk accept no liability for any accident/incident/injury to a client however it may be caused.


Ghostcallers Uk attempts to foresee any potential problems or hazards in order eliminate them before the event.. However, due to the nature of the events and locations accidents can still happen. We encourage all our clients to have their own third party public liability insurance. 


Although Ghostcallers Uk has its own public liability insurance some of our policies may not be covered due to the fact that some of the location boundaries are beyond the normal public access categories. 


Ghostcallers Uk accepts no responsibility for any clothing, equipment, damage to vehicles, parking fines, clamping of vehicles. 

All property and effects belonging to you are your responsibility and we would urge you to protect your property and keep all said articles safe whilst attending the event.


There are occasions when events are cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of Ghostcallers Uk. If these events are cancelled then you will be given a full refund of monies paid for the said event. However, if the event is rescheduled GhostCallers Uk may set limitations on any refunds requested. 


We will endeavour to ensure that every client is made aware of a cancelled event as soon as possible. However, if this has not been possible, GhostCallers Uk will not refund any expenses incurred due to the cancellation of an event, this includes travel and hotel expenses. 


Ghostcallers UK hold all their events at locations that have demonstrated paranormal activity witnessed and recorded by ourselves and others. It is impossible to guarantee what activity may occur during an event. This may be minimal or very intense resulting in injury to yourself or your clothing due to paranormal activity. 


Ghostcallers Uk accept no responsibility for whatever may occur as a result of any paranormal activity. It also accepts no responsibility if minimal or no activity is experienced on an event. 


These terms and conditions are non-negotiable and your booking of an event demonstrates their acceptance by you, the client. These conditions and any contract into which they are incorporated shall be subject to English Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England.




For any cancellation before a six (6) week period prior to the event we will issue a full refund less a 6% cancellation charge. This percentage relates to the full cost of the event.

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