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Old Funeral Parlour Overnight Ghost Hunting Event

Annison Funeral Parlour is reputed to be the most haunted building in Hull with a colourful past, the building was used to house the City of Hull mounted police prior to becoming a funeral parlour. The 1st floor of includes embalming room and mortuary (still intact) and is still as it was when it closed over 30 years ago.


The ground floor has now been converted into a late night pharmacy, who's staff refuse to go upstairs as they are too terrified to venture alone. With many reports of Poltergiest activity and strange voices being heard.


It's been said to be the last place the victim of an notorious murderer was last seen alive. Reported to be Hull's most haunted building, The Annison Funeral Parlour at the junction of Witham and Grand Union Street has been a Funeral Parlour for well over 100 years.


The Annison Building has been said to be the last place Mary Jane Langley was last seen alive before her blood soaked body was found dead in a ditch in Long Lane, Preston with her throat slit in 1891, Her killer has never been found. The murder of Mary Jane Langley is one of Hull's notorious unsolved murders. It was said that a bungled police investigation led to a line up of many infamous suspects including boxing champion John Rennard, no one was ever charged and the murder still remains one Hull's unsolved murders.


Another main suspect in the Mary Jane Langley murder case was a monstrous and heinous serial murderer by the name of Frederick Bailey Deeming, who had murdered his wife and 4 children, disposing of their bodies by burying them under the floorboards of his Merseyside house. Deeming was already serving time in Hull jail under one of his many aliases and was released from jail shortly before Mary Jane Langley's murder.


Annison Funeral Parlour macabre history is a must for any ghost hunter brave enough to investigate this building.


Dates Available

Friday 9th
November  2018
8.00pm till 2.00am


Places to stay

Event will include :


Investigate all areas of Annison Funeral Parlour

Chance to use real investigation equipment such as Evp recording equipment,K2 meters, Emf meters


Opportunity to take part in investigation experiments such as Victorian seance, table tipping/spirit boards, human pendulum


Helpful Advice


Over 18’s Only.


Parking available on-site.


Please feel free to bring along drinks and snacks with you (Flask of tea/coffee/soup)


We recommend that everyone attending this event wrap up warm and wear sensible  footwear.


You are welcome to bring along any equipment ie: torches, cameras, video cameras, emf  meters, laser thermometers etc along to this event.


Please allow for any delays that you may encounter whilst traveling to this event.


Please be advised that there are no sleeping facilities available at this location. 

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