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Fright Night @ The Falstaff's 13th March 2015

I will admit i was skeptical in attending this event, but have left less skeptical. Ghostcallers UK are a really good team to attend a paranormal investigation with, would recommend to anyone.  Ian Burrows

Fantastic night enjoyed the whole evening, staff very good and friendly.  Martin Lomes

As a medium used to paranormal events, i must admit my first visit to Falstaff's has been a revelation. So much activity experienced here, still have the seance room to investigate, so expecting great things.  Dave Williams

Had a fab night - lots of activity and a great group pf people, thanks for a great time. 

Amanda Mullins

Had a great evening, loving the activity in the shop & planchette and table tipping.                                    

                            Sharron Eagles

Saltmarshe Hall 13th February 2015
Great evening, very interesting lots of activity but nothing scary, really enjoyable.
Sara Nunn

Absolutely Fantastic !

Wade Wej

Fantastic activity as always, lots of activity.

learnt a lot of things we didn't know on our last investigation at Saltmarshe Hall, thanks for another fab night.

Amanda Holey & Kate Gregory

Brilliant night, enjoyed it more than i expected, thank you.

Barry Evans

Loved it , Thank you 

Mary Grogan

A great night, thanks.

Zoe Gutowski

Falstaff's 17th October 2015

A great night's investigation with a really great team.

Sharon & Gavin Shakespeare.

Really enjoyable , good activity and felt very spooky emotions and feelings. 

Luke Hutchings

Falstaff's is a very active and terrifying place.


Jerome Wallington

Enjoyed investigating Falstaff's, a very interesting location.

Kara Barrett

Oxford Castle Ghost Hunt

A really good investigation, looking forward to next years events.   Steven Sutton

A great experience.
Colin Moore
Thanks very much Ghostcallers UK, lovely to see you again.
Carol Miller
Fabulous night, love the moathouse, so active. Nina D'amore
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