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Ghostcallers UK was founded in 2007 by ordinary people with a passion for the paranormal and the belief that there really is life after death. After experiencing ghost hunting events with other paranormal teams that gave the public a limited experience of ghost hunting up close and personal it was decided Ghostcallers UK should be formed to offer affordable ghost hunting events and paranormal investigations to the general publicand value for money for the seasoned ghost hunter in us all.


8 years later with many ghost hunting events under our belt Ghostcallers UK is still going strong. Giving you our clients ghost hunting events at their best.


All Ghostcallers UK events are held at locations that have paranormal activity, Don't just take our word for it join Ghostcallers UK on an event to discover for yourself the thrill and exitement of ghost hunting we're sure your laughter will soon turn to screams.

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