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Situated on the corner of Upper Holly Walk and Willes Road near the centre of Leamington Spa,Warwickshire,this elegant Georgian building was constructed in 1832. Designed by Architect William Thomas and built by Edward Pinder, the building was originally named Landsdowne House until 1841 when it took on its present name,Victoria House.


It has housed a banker, a vicar, a ladies academy, soldiers during WW2, and of course the masons since 1889. At the time of being built it was one of the grand houses of Leamington Spa.


Various activity has been reported at Victoria House but the owner has told us about the spirit of a man who doesn’t appreciate women in some of the rooms. The cellars are said to be particularly active with K2 meters going ‘berserk’ on regular occasions.


Children, men and women have all manifested in one way or another according to the owner.



Your paranormal investigation at Victoria House will include:-


*Vigils & seances in groups

*Ouija board (optional), glass divination, table tipping

*Full use of equipment 

*Medium throughout the night

*Opportunity to conduct your own/lone investigating

*Free Refreshments


Victoria House - Ghost hunt

Dates Available 

3rd September 2016


Helpful Advice


Over 18’s Only.


Parking available on-site.


Ferr Refreshments Provided 


We recommend that everyone attending this event wrap up warm and wear sensible  footwear.


You are welcome to bring along any equipment ie torches, cameras, video cameras, emf  meters, laser thermometers etc along to this event.


Please allow for any delays that you may encounter whilst traveling to this event.


Please be advised that there are no sleeping facilities available at this location. 

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