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1. Always do your research prior to your investigation i.e. : history of the location, experiences from people that have worked/lived there, times, dates and any other information available.

2. Always get permission from the owner of the location your investigating, theres nothing worse than turning up with your intrepid team of paranormal investigators and a few minutes into the investigation the police turn up and their escorting you off the premises or even worse arresting you for trespassing plus there’s the added danger the owners of the location/property decide to loose the dogs on you. - it's best to play it safe and get permission.

3. Take notes and photographs of the building/location in question, make a record of any experiments your going to be conducting, names of people present , date/time of the investigation

4. Never investigate a location on your own, there's safety in numbers and if god forbid one of your team does happen to get injured there's someone there to call for help and give first aid. Always let your friends and family know what time your investigation starts and ends and they know when to expect you back.

5. Make sure all equipment your going to use during the investigation is in good working order (video cameras fully charged, torches batteries/bulbs are in good working order, K2, EMF meters, EVP recording equipment are in fully working order if not replace as soon as possible or if finances allow)

6. Wear appropriate warm clothing and sensible footwear, you don't want to be investigating a derelict building/castle or haunted house in a t-shirt, jeans and trainers in the middle of winter when the temperature has dropped to below zero there's a high risk you'll soon suffer from hypothermia.

7. When your investigating the location in question and you've split into small groups always be aware of where each group is situated at any given time, theres nothing so annoying when your halfway through a vigil and one of your group suddenly walks in on you giving you a heart attack frightening the life out of you.

8. Once the investigation has drawn to a close and all ghost hunting equipment has been packed away make sure you leave the location how you found it, replace any tables, chairs or other items of furniture back to their original position, all rubbish has been placed in bin bag ready to be allocated in the bin once you've exited the building. make sure all doors are locked so no one can re-enter the building once you and your group left.

We hope you’ve found benefit in downloading this guide and wish you all the best of luck with your paranormal investigations.

Ghostcallers UK Team 

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