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Ghost Hunting Drakelow Tunnels

Date : 11th December 2015


Time : 9.00pm till 3am


Address :


Drakelow Tunnels

Kingford Country Park

Near Kinver


DY11 5SA


Drakelow Tunnels 


Drakelow Tunnels were constructed as part of the Ministry of Aircrafts Shadow Factory Scheme for use by Rover in WWII and were primarily used for Workshops and Storage. After the War the Government took the building and prepared it as a Nuclear Bunker for use during the Cold War, with new rooms and equipment designed to house local and national Government officials, plus armed forces and medical teams. Thankfully the Cold War ended and Drakelow Tunnels were sold off in the early 1990's.


During the construction of Drakelow Tunnels there were 6 deaths as a result of a roof collapse, and another incident following an impact with a truck which 2 men died while riding the conveyors. Their tragic deaths are believed to be the reason for most of the activity that occurs in Tunnels 1 - 4, it's rumoured that the names of these dead men were carved into the sandstones in the spot at which they died.


There have been many reports of paranormal activity at Drakelow Tunnels by workers and visitors alike, An investigation here is a must for any ghost hunter. The site has been used by Airlift for shooting activities, there are reports of participants tracking a figure, only to turn the corner into a dead-end and find the unknown figure has vanished. People reported hearing terrified screams, feeling watched and feeling surrounded within the tunnels and even being grabbed by unseen hands. Stones have been thrown during ghost hunts here which has been a frightening experience for those that have been witness to it.


A Ghost Hunt at Drakelow Tunnels is not for the faint hearted, These Tunnels are pitch black and very disorientating, but offer one of the most frightening locations in the UK in which to conduct a Ghost Hunt.

Helpful Advice


Over 18’s Only.


Parking available on-site.


Please feel free to bring along drinks and snacks with you (Flask of tea/coffee/soup)


We recommend that everyone attending this event wrap up warm and wear sensible  footwear.


You are welcome to bring along any equipment ie torches, cameras, video cameras, emf  meters, laser thermometers etc along to this event.


Please allow for any delays that you may encounter whilst traveling to this event.


Please be advised that there are no sleeping facilities available at this location. 

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